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As a parent who has travelled heaps to Bali when our kids were bubs, I must admit I used to get anxious about the whole baby food thing. So, our luggage was always jam-packed with supermarket baby food squeezies.

Inspiring mum Silvija Rumiha is the brains behind Mini Muncher - a local enterprise that prepares organic, nutritious and yummy baby food, as well as healthy meals and moorish treats for toddlers and kids of all ages and stages. She also caters for kids with special dietary requirements and allergies. What's more, you can even get it delivered to your hotel!

Thanks heaps Silvija for having a virtual chat and giving us the low-down.

* I don't have any affiliation with Mini Muncher, i.e., I'm not getting any freebies or incentives to write this article. I guess I wish I had known that businesses like Mini Muncher existed when we travelled to Bali when my boys were babies. So, I hope this post is helpful to parents who are stressing about whether a holiday to Bali with their baby is "do-able".


Can you tell us a bit about your family, and how you came to live in Bali?

My partner and I were living in London with our daughter who was 1 year old. It was a rat race and we hardly saw eachother. One morning my partner came into the kitchen and said he'd been offered a job in Indonesia - so we decided to take the plunge. We quit our jobs and moved to the tropical island of Bali - Island of the Gods.

I'm keen to know how Mini Muncher started.

Making the move to Bali and and having a daughter with allergies I saw that there wasn't any organic homemade meals for babies and kids. Having a degree in Health Science and understanding the importance of nutrition at an early age I created Mini Muncher in 2015.

What products do you offer?

We make food and meals for kids of all ages - from babies, to toddlers, big kids to adults. We have a huge range of Mini Muncher purees for babies - "Banana Beetroot Brown Rice Pudding", "Textured Pumpkin and Zuchini" and "Bake Organic Beef and Vegetable Puree" are just a sample of what we offer. Our mini vege sausage rolls are popular with toddlers, but shhh don't tell the kids they're loaded with veges!

Mini Muncher has now grown into a Mighty Muncher - a range of yummy food for older kids and adults. We make breakfast jars, chia puddings, nut free muesli bars, chocolate protein bars, healthy treats like country fudge and "Not Quite Cherry Ripe" (with quinoa). The Chunky Monkey breakfast Jar with Banana Chocolate Oat Jar with Coconut Yoghurt is a also favourite.

What about kids with dietary requirements?

Mini Muncher caters for all dietary requirements and allergies - vegan, gluten free and vegetarian. Having a daughter with allergies I totally know that parents might be anxious about travelling with their little ones. I have catered for many parents whose child had had allergies or specific dietary requirements. I am happy to create meals to suit individual needs.

Where do you source your veggies and food from?

Our fruit and veggies are organic, and I source as many other organic ingredients as possible. We don't add add any artificial ingredients or anything nasty at all. We make the food in small batches and make it daily to make sure it keeps its nutritional value. We also use reverse osmosis filtered water for washing the produce, cooking and cleaning.

So, how does it work?

Orders are placed via our website and we also deliver. Orders can be placed on the same day of delivery. Our products can also be ordered via Whats App or just pop into our shop!

One last thing! I'm curious to know what are your kids favourite things to do in Bali?

​There absolute favourite place to go to in Bali is Waterbom Park. To be honest they completely love it. Other places they really enjoy are the Bali Safari Marine Park, Hide N' Seek indoor playground, Charly's Chocolate Factory in East Bali, and going to the beach.​

Thanks heaps Silvj! xo



Photo Credits - Please don't use any of these photos. I have been given permission to use them for this article and they are subject to copyright - thanks.

I don't have any affiliation with Mini Muncher at all - no freebies or incentives! I just wish I had known that businesses like Mini Muncher existed when my boys were babies as it would have made our holiday way less stressful. So I hope this article is useful for other parents.


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