1. It's not just grown ups that appreciate the jaw-dropping landscapes

Top Pools at Gunlom, Kakadu National Park

Top pools, Gunlom, Kakadu National Park c/o @thewanderingmamma

2. You have to admit vistas like this are totally awe-inspiring!

Top End Wetlands, Northern Territory

Wetlands in Arnhem Land c/o @twolittleterritorians

3. Come Wet Season or Dry Season, they are equally spectacular

Ubirr Rock, Kakadu National Park

Ubirr Rock, Kakadu National Park c/o @twolittleterritorians

4. Not only are they dazzling, they are culturally significant

Barunga Aboriginal Festival

Barunga Festival c/o John Skuja

5. I guess you know they are world famous?

Wetlands, Northern Territory

Wetlands near Milingimbi, Arnhem Land c/o John Skuja

6. And, as for swimming, I mean seriously, does it get any better than this?

Motor Car Falls, Kakadu National Park

Motor Call Falls, Kakadu National Park c/o @twolittleterritorians

7. Or this?

Top Pools, Gunlom, Kakadu National Park

Top Pools, Gunlom, Kakadu National Park c/o @twolittleterritorians

8. But, you don't have to head out of town get amongst it all

East Point Reserve, Darwin

East Point Reserve, Darwin city c/o 4wildbastards

9. Just look up!

Frilled Neck Lizard

Frilly in Darwin local park c/o Libby Larsen

10. Or on the local beaches

Casuarina Beach

Casuarina Beach c/o Philippa Cotter

11. And in the garden when it rains

Frog in Darwin

c/o @4wildbastards

12. Darwin kids get unique opportunities to experience Aboriginal culture

Aboriginal Kids in Arnhem Land

Kids from Ramingining, Arnhem Land swimming at Japidi Japin

Alamy Stock (Penny Tweedie)

13. If you head to one of the community festivals, it's something your kids will never forget

Barunga Aboriginal Festival

Barunga Festival c/o John Skuja

14. We can't forget about the famous salties now can we?

Crocosaurus Cove, Darwin

Crocosaurus Cove in the city c/o Kristin Keegan

15. In Darwin, kids can kiss them

Crocosaurus Cove, Darwin

Crocosaurus Cove in the city c/o Kate Sieiper

16. Fish for them

Crocosaurus Cove, Darwin

Crocosaurus Cove, in the city c/o Kate Sieper

17. And even swim alongside them

Crocosaurus Cove, Darwin

Crocosaurus Cove in the city c/o Tegan Molony

18. Darwin beaches rock, even if swimming is a bit of a No No!

Casuarina Beach, Darwin

Dripstone cliffs c/o 4wildbastards

19. For starters they are never crowded, ever!

Casuarina Beach, Darwin

Casuarina Beach c/o Krystie Anderson

20. And, you'd have to agree that they are simply sensational at sunset?

Darwin Sailing Club

Darwin Sailing Club c/o Olivia Hagan

21. Darwin shines in the Dry Season, and everyone gets swept up in festival frenzy

Barunga Aboriginal Festival

Barunga Festival c/o Libby Larsen

22. It's the time of year locals embrace outdoor dining, and there are heaps of options

Cafe de la Plage

Cafe de la Plage c/o Libby Larsen

23. When the Wet Season arrives everyone rejoices

Darwin kids in the rain

c/o Elisha Kellett

24. In these parts kids don't have to go inside when it rains

Darwin kids in the rain

c/o Ella Wevill

25. It just makes things way more fun!

Darwin kids on the trampoline

Wet Season trampolining c/o Libby Larsen

26. Laksa washed down with a fresh mango juice at one of the local markets is a weekly ritual for many kids

Laksa at Parap Markets, Darwin

Laksa from Parap Market c/o Parap Markets

27. Locals are footy fanatics, and here little girls dream of becoming AFL footy legends

Little girl with football, Northern Territory

c/o twolittleterritorians

28. We also have Territory Day, i.e. a day when you let off your own fireworks, or you can just sit and watch

Child watching fireworks in Darwin

c/o @4wildbastards

29. And then there is the mango madness season, "yum yum"

Little girl with mangos, Rapid Creek Markets in Darwin

Rapid Creek Markets c/o thewanderingmamma

30. And get this! With Bali being so close, families often pop over for a long weekend!

Bali T House Villa, Ubud

Lemongrass Villa, Bali T Houses, Ubud c/o Libby Larsen

31. Timor-Leste is even closer, and another adventure waiting to happen...

Atari Island, Timor-Leste

Atauruo Island, Timor-Leste c/o Kaz Bray

So, if you want to have a family holiday somewhere unique, Darwin's the ticket. If a picture tells 1,000 words, start packing!

Who better to show us why this part of the world is special for kids than local families who live here, and love it, and who have kindly shared their stunning photos.


Darwin Beach

Special thanks to local families for sharing these stunning photos


The gorgeous photos for this article were kindly shared with me from parents through some fantastic networks like Top End Mums, Darwin Mums and Bubs and Darwin Mums, as well as friends, and extended friends. Thanks as well to @twolittleterritorians, @thewanderingmamma and @4wildbastards - 3 amazing instgram accounts I follow that have awesome photos of their kids enjoying life in the Top End.

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