Lugging baby stuff to Bali and back

​​Trying to work out what baby and toddler gear you are going to have to pack to take to Bali can be a bit overwhelming. In my experience the less equipment you have to take the easier its gonna be. It’s a holiday after all, right? But, there is just so much stuff you are used to at home - car seats, high chair, a porta cot, strollers, etc. But they are so big and bulky and a hassle to lug through the airport. And then there are those other things that would make the holiday a bit more stress free, such as a baby monitor, bottle steriliser, baby bath and change table a safety pen etc.

Baby on holiday in a Bali Villa

We hired a bottle steriliser for this trip from Bali Baby Hire

Hassle free solution = hire it there

A number of companies have sprung up that specialise in hiring out a WIDE range of baby stuff and they deliver to your accommodation and set it all up. The main contenders are BALI BABY HIRE, BALI BUBS, BALI BABY, BALI BABY CARE, BABY SERVICE BALI, BALI HAPPY BABY. There are others as well! They all sound similar, so don’t get confused as I have.

The choice of gear is actually quite mind boggling - cots, strollers, baby monitors, car seats and baby capsules, bottle sterilisers, baby carriers, cots, bed rails, high chairs, baby baths, pool toys, nappy change tables, booster high chairs, activity centres, jolly jumpers, swimming aids, ride on toys, play mats, barriers, baby food and and so much more! They also provide other really useful services like airport transfers and tours with car seats, and reliable babysitting services which we have used as well.

Family holiday in amed with local women

Amed Trip where we used Bali Baby Hire for transport to and from Amed with car seats.

What’s the difference?

More or less, they have the same types of products for hire and provide similar services. But, it’s worth looking at their individual websites, as some have a better range of particular products than others. I can only vouch for Bali Baby Hire as I have used them several times for equipment and also for airport transfers with car seats and also for longer trips around Bali when I want the kids in car seats. They are the original baby equipment hire company and are owned and operated by husband and wife team (an Australian woman, Megan and her Balinese husband) who have lots experience in travelling around Bali with babies and toddlers. They donate 5% from every booking to Yayasan Permeta Children’s Home in Kuta, which is kind of nice too. In our experience their drivers are great and the car seats are well-fitted and they are professional and helpful (I’m not getting freebies to say this).

But, don’t limit yourself to just looking at these guys.

A friend of mine swears by Bali Baby, "We have used them two times for a car with a driver and kids car seats. They are super punctual, the cars are nice, very responsible drivers...and they stayed friendly even after our kids vomited all over the car!"

Family holiday in Sanur with our baby

How much?

The longer you rent things, the cheaper they are per day. Remember, there is also a delivery fee, which varies on how far you want them to go, as well as a deposit (around $50). If you hire a lot of gear, it can add up cost-wise and bump up the cost of your holiday. Ideally, the more gear you can get free of charge at your accommodation the better.

What I love

If you want to get away from the busy tourist hubs in Bali with your youngsters, and stay in simple guesthouses or perhaps a home stay in a smaller villages, chances are they won't have ANY baby equipment at all. Being able to hire the basics you will need in Bali opens up a world of possibilities of places to stay that are off the beaten track

I want the information on Growing up Troppo to be as accurate and up to date as possible. So please let me know if I have made any errors or if you think Ive missed something that would be useful in this post for families wanting to hire gear for their bub in Bali. I'm not getting any freebies or incentive to write this post! Check out the FAQ page if you want to know more about how I do my research.

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