surf, stand up paddle boards & snorkelling 

There is lots to love about Nusa Lembongan.


Once a destination for surfers "in the know" with simple beachside bungalows, and warungs, Nusa Lembongan seems to be all the rage now, and understandably so. The views are spectacular, it's way more low key and chilled than southern Bali, the sunsets are fabulous and it's only a 30-40 minute boat ride from Sanur. 

Whats more, there is no crazy traffic (YAY) and everyone gets around the island on a scooter or in the back of a mini truck at fairly slow pace; perhaps, because the narrow roads are bumpy and ridden with potholes. Despite its increased popularity you can still get a simple room with a view of the surf breaks and the gorgeous sunsets but you can also stay in a boutique villa and have a fabulous meal.


The signs of rapid development of new villas and hotels is evident and chances are you will see rubbish piles here and there. So, try go easy on the plastic water bottles and BYO.
There are a few things to keep in mind if you are heading here with kids in tow. The boat ride over from Sanur can be pretty bumpy depending on the swell. Getting around can also be a bit tricky because the island is fairly hilly and the main mode of transport is by scooter which might not be your thing with kids. But, you can hire a buggy which is a great alternative if you aren't comfortable on a scooter. Many restaurants also provide free pick up and drop off. Swimming wise, there are only a few beaches which are kid-friendly, so staying somewhere with a pool is a good idea if you have kids. 


Have you stayed somewhere unique, and extra special with kids in the Gili Islands? I'd love to hear from you.