The Sea Shanty is the ultimate family-friendly villa in Bali. It's perfect for large groups and is amazingly stylish and totally kid-friendly!

Acacia Bungalows

Bukit Peninsula, Bali

Acacia Bungalows consists of 4 totally funky bungalows which can be rented individually or in conjunction with each other if you have a few families together. A pool fence can be put up for you in any of the properties at no extra c...

Fraser Baye

Bingin, Bukit Peninsula

Owned by the Evans family, an Aussie family who have 3 kids, and managed by Bali Retreats these gorgeous villas are designed and decked out with families in mind and are equipped with pretty much all of the “kit and caboodle” for littl...

This post is a little snapshot of 3 pads I adore in Bingin, that are kid-friendly and will work with bubs and toddlers and all have pool fence options at no extra charge. They are managed by Bali Retreats, who in my experience are great to deal  with and can organ...

Munch Munch

The Cashew Tree cafe and bar in Bingin gets a “thumbs up” as an awesome family-friendly restaurant and hang-out, day or night. It’s a kid-friendly place that adults will also like, perhaps love? (Well I do, anyway). It's not all lollipops and bouncy castles....

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World class surf & jaw dropping views

The epic waves of the Bukit Peninsula attract surfing devotees from all over the globe. The undeveloped white sandy beaches, turquoise blue Indian Ocean, sheer limestone cliffs and the jaw-dropping vistas are drawing a whole new crowd. These days the Bukit Peninsula is becoming known for its groovy and funky holiday pads which perch on the cliff-tops with their sensational million dollar views.

​The bars and restaurants range from chilled low-key warungs to bars  and restaurants that are gracing the pages of stylish travel magazines and hip blogs. That said, the Bukit Peninsula is still pretty laid back.


There are a few things to keep in mind if you venture here with kids. The beaches are known for their surf, not their calm kid-friendly waters, and there are LOTS of stairs to get to quite a few beaches, so expect to spend lots of time pool side with little kids. But, don’t get too dismayed, there are exciting (and kid-friendly) ways to get down to some cool white sandy beaches, i.e. an inclinator ride down the cliffs which transport you to some funky upmarket Giligans Island style beach clubs.

It's about a 30-45 minute drive from the airport to the Bukit Peninsula.


Have you stayed somewhere unique, and extra special with kids in the Gili Islands? I'd love to hear from you.

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