ABOUT growing up troppo

Growing up Troppo provides honest and trustworthy advice from local families and well-travelled parents about unique and special places to stay, play, eat and things to do and see with kids, the local haunts and the "little gems" - that parents love too! 

The most trusted travel advice comes from friends and local families.

Parents want honest advice from someone they trust and the perspective of someone who gets what it’s like to travel with kids. If you are anything like me, when you are planning the next family holiday and have friends who have been there, chances are you’ll want to pick their brains, right?


Better still if you know someone with kids who lives where you are planning a holiday, you’d have to agree they are going to be the best source of info about what to do, where to go and importantly where to avoid! 

What makes where you stay family-friendly?

Where you stay with kids can make or break a holiday in my experience travelling with my boys! How many hours do you spend surfing the net trying to find the perfect place family accommodation? I get totally frustrated trying to navigate the labyrinth of accommodation search engines trying to find somewhere to stay, do you?


But, what makes where you stay family-friendly can be so many things, and it's different for everyone. Sure, kids' clubs can be great, but family-friendly can also be something simple like the wonderful hosts whose kids play with your kids, or staff that go out of their way to help you out. Growing up Troppo is about seeking out the off-beat, unique, low-key or extra special places to stay with kids whether it's a funky villa, a guesthouse, a local homestay or bungalow. There is no "one size fits all for family accommodation. 


The ages and stages of the kids in your group is a KEY factor in choosing where you are going to stay. Somewhere that is perfect for families with tweens and teens could be a hazardous nightmare if you have an adventurous toddler, and totally inpractical if you have a baby. 

I hope that Growing up Troppo can help to take out some of the legwork in finding cool places to stay with kids.

About my travel advice

Growing up Troppo is a personal blog site and any information provided is to be used as a guide only. 

Although care is always taken to make sure all information is checked and accurate, I recommend that you use my posts as guides. So, please, double check my information, because things change and I don't want held liable for any information that is inaccurate. 

My aim for the blog is to have honest and useful advice and information for families. So, if you have feedback or personal insights about any of the places I recommend I'd love to hear from you (and so would other parents too).

Photography and image use

Wherever possible I use my own photos on the blog. Other images have been purchased through stock photo companies. For photos of accommodation that I profile I have tried my best to credit the photos to the source and check with the owners for their permission to use the images. If there are any issues with photos I have used and you feel that they have not been credited in the correct way or should be taken down, please let me know. 

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